Monday, May 21, 2007

Jungles in the Park

We had a little bit of spare time today, before our apartment was ready, so I decided to show Milla some of the places I used to go to when I was little.

First we went to La Porchetta on Parnell Road for pizza and hot chocolates. (I had convinced the Kiwis 5 years ago that it was great pizza and they still believe me.) Then we went over the road to Heard Park for a swing so I could show her where I went to Playgroup.

After that we went to a secret park called Scarborough Reserve. I was only just a baby when I last went to Scarborough Reserve, so I had only been on the path, this time I was big enough to go exploring with Milla.

Just off the main path through the park, there were secret paths that took us through a jungle. It was amazing. The paths were twisty and overgrown. There were bridges over the streams and steep hills to climb. It was great fun.

I hope that I get to go back to Scarborough Reserve, it would be the best place to play hide and seek.
Love AJ Pickle

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