Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Day at the Movies

After the hard climb to the top of Rangitoto yesterday, today was to be a relaxing day at the Waiwera Thermal Pools.

We set up our gear next to what looked to be the pool of choice – a natural pool warmed to 38 degrees, under cover in case it rained with a big screen were we could watch movies.

The other pools ranged in temperature from freezing – the kid’s adventure pool to the ridiculous 48 degree lava pool. I couldn’t quite bring myself to go into either one. I did have a go on a waterslide, if only to prove to Milla that it was safe. It may not have been a high slide but it was fast. Sean was a little more adventurous and went on lots of different slides.

Relaxing in a thermal pool is definitely the way to recover from volcano climbing.

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