Friday, May 18, 2007

Haven’t lost my touch!

Staying like the Fowlies with Luke, Timothy, Sheila and Greg is just like being at home. It was so much like being at home that when Sean got back from his meetings he decided to go for a walk (read ‘to look for a pub’).

First stop was the bottle shop just down the road where he asked the attendant if he knew where the pub was. The attendant apparently looked confused so Sean explained further…hotel, bar, place to drink beer with other beer drinkers. The attendant still looked confused yet a fellow customer was able to assist.

She was able not only to give directions to a couple of pubs and places of alcohol consumption, but she was able to describe the likely clientele. The first, and closer choice was a pokie venue and likely to be filled with boring people. The other choice, although further away was on the beach and much cooler.

Sean being Sean decided that the second pub was the place to go. Off he went on the trek to the ‘nice’ pub. He had barely left the bottle shop when a car pulls up along side him. He tells me that the conversation went something like this.

Unknown female, “Are you going to the pub now?”
Sean, “Yup.”

Unknown female, “I really shouldn’t be doing this but…do you want a lift?”
Sean, “Well I really shouldn’t get in but…why not!”

So Sean goes driving with a woman he has only just met. Along the drive she pointed out not only where she worked but where she lived. She also questioned what Sean was doing looking for a pub by himself. Sean explained that his friend had gone home to sleep as he had had a big night last night, so he had nothing to do. He forgot to mention that he could be back at home getting dinner for his wife and kids!

After a few drinks, and yet another invitation to come back to her house, Sean decided he had better try to work out how to get back to Sheila and Greg’s house! Apparently it was much further away from home than he expected, but it was worth the walk just to know that he ‘still had it’!

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