Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Back to Reality

Well it feels like my time in Japan was all but a distant, wonderful memory. I have slipped back into the 'real world' of work, kinder and kids activities far too easily.

Oh well, at least I have hundreds of photos to look at to remind me of my holiday away, and plans to make for another adventure...

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If you want to see more photos of my adventures in Tokyo, check out my flickr pages!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Finally, after 2 very long and crowded flights, we made it back to the Land of Oz. Our flight was to arrive at 7am. I asked Sean and the to meet us at the airport at 8am, figuring that an hour would allow for flight delays and customs. Surprisingly enough, the flight was on time, perhaps even early. Customs was no hassle, even though my bags were filled with chocolates and we made it to the 'other side' at 7.30, before the kids and Sean arrived.
It was wonderful to see the look of love on their faces as they ran towards me in the airport.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Excess Baggage

Well I arrived in Japan with a huge suitcase that was less than half full, weighing about 10 kilos, with a limit of 20 kilos. I knew that I would buy heaps to bring back, as well as bringing back some of Ellen's things for her.

When it was time to check our luggage, my now full bag weighed in at 22 kilos, Ellen's bag was 33 and she had another smaller suitcase that was almost 10 kilos. Ellen didn't really mind, she was happy to pay for excess baggage. The girl checking our luggage told us that if we rearranged the luggage so that the 2 big bags were 50 kilos between them, she would let us take the smaller bag on as carry-on.

Well who are we to argue? We sat in the middle of the airport with our cases open, moving everything around until we met the weight limit and didn't have to pay any excess. Good in theory (although the same amount of luggage would be onboard?) but not so practical. I had my once light carry-on bag now overflowing with books and heavier items and Ellen's camera bag. Ellen had her own also overflowing carry-on bag, her laptop and now her small suitcase that weighed over 15 kilos. Add to that the duty free shopping and we took up quite a lot of room! Oh well, it all made it back to Australia (at no extra cost) and that is all that really counts!

Home Time Already! :-(

Well it is hard to believe that a week has disappeared already. We are packing our bags and are getting ready to go.

Dai, who had been away for the majority of the time we were in Tokyo, actually had time off work, so he came to entertain us as we finished packing. Yoshi said goodbye to us yesterday. He couldn't wait around to say goodbye to us the morning as he was in the middle of brain surgery! Ritsuko came home from the hospital to walk us (and far too much luggage) to the bus terminal.

Ritsuko and Dai meet the police!

Finally it was time to go. I had an amazing time in Tokyo. Thank you Yoshi, Ritsuko, Obaasan (grandma), Dai and Chaiaki for sharing your home with us and for showing us your wonderful city.